We are shadows
We are shadows


As this sundial says, we are but shadows. Where can we find light, understanding and a firm foundation for this life?

On July 14th we hosted an event with Tharik Hussain on his recent travel book about Muslim people in the Balkans, “Minarets in the Mountains”. 25 of us had a great time exploring his “decolonising” of travel writing and heading to Gram Bangla afterwards for some wonderful borta…

Shantir Boi Flyer Small


In April 2020 we should have had our Easter party in Hanbury Hall. Sadly, due to Covid-19, we couldn’t do so. However, here is a link to some reflections about Easter and what is means:

And, if you have some time, why not try this simple quiz which we have had at previous Easter events: Easter Quiz

We often have a stall at local fairs in the summer, including Boishaki Mela:

Here’s last year’s Christmas Party, with good food and a short talk on the birth of the Messiah…20161210_191706

…and the odd silly hat from a Christmas cracker:


In addition to our regular weekly events (below), we also run tours at the British Museum, looking at artefacts which help to authenticate the Taurat and its history. A short booklet plus a copy of the Taurat is provided. If you’d like to come on one, please let us know. Here’s one candidate for the Pharaoh in Hozrot Yusuf’s time:


We also have the run the following events:

English Classes, on request

Learn to Read and Write Sylheti Nagri, on request

Bengali Film Afternoons, Thursdays 2.30-5.30pm

Points of View Tea & Discussion, Fridays 2-3pm

Studying the Injil, once a month, Sunday from 3pm, contact us for further details

Downstairs, classroom layout, for English & Nagri

If you’d like more information about these meetings please come in to the shop or use the Contact Us page. We look forward to seeing you.

Downstairs, discussion layout

These are some of the events we have put on in the past to help us find light and life:

 Stories of the Prophets – readings and interactive discussion

History of the Scriptures – multimedia presentation

Tawrat Shorif – an introduction

Dinner and Discussion – social and philosophical topics

Study space
Some of the study space downstairs