After too long and too many lockdowns, we were at last able to host an event for the community. In July Tharik Hussain came to discuss his recent travel book about Muslim people in the Balkans, “Minarets in the Mountains”.

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Shantir Boi serves the local community through books – for buying, borrowing, reading and discussing.

Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan (1817-98, painted by 0707), his biography is on Art on the Shutters

We have books in Arabic, Bengali, English, Sylheti and Turkish for sale, plus numerous other languages for borrowing. We have books on Christianity and Islam, history and biography, health and nature, as well as some classic novels and poetry from both the West and the East.

Upstairs, screen to watch our numerous DVDs

We also provide teaching and discussion groups on different religious and social issues on some evenings during the week. We aim to be a positive and active presence in the heart of the Brick Lane area, as we live out the teachings of the prophets and Jesus the Messiah in word and deed.

Upstairs, books for sale

Sadly, as with most of us at the moment, we are locked down due to Covid-19. Hopefully we will be open again soon, and we will aim to restart the events below. In the meantime, however, why not listen to 3-4 mins of some reflections in Sylheti about why we do not need to be fearful at this time (it was originally put together for some ladies, but is appropriate for both women and men):

English Classes, on request

Learn to Read and Write Sylheti Nagri, on request

Bengali Film Afternoons, Thursdays 2.30-5.30pm

Points of View Tea & Discussion, Fridays 2-3pm

The Maker’s Instructions, Sundays twice a month 3pm onwards

Downstairs reading space
Downstairs reading space

We also organise Discussion Groups, Homework Help for children, Tawrah classes and trips to Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

If you would like more information about any of these activities, please email us on the Contact Us page.

Downstairs discussion area

We’re at 49 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX (just off Brick Lane) and are open 11am-6pm Monday-Friday. We’re also happy to open on request for personal study at the weekends.


Please pay us a real visit and not just a virtual one.